Luxury Facial Oil For Pigmentation 30ml

Reduces acne scars, uneven skin tone & sun spots

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Indulge in Poko's Luxury Facial oil - the perfect oil for pigmentation, with a premium botanical blend meticulously crafted to elevate your skincare routine. Infused with the power of 13 exquisite flower, fruit, and root extracts, this natural facial oil offers a transformative experience for your skin.

This acne scar oil effortlessly improves uneven skin tone and fade stubborn acne scars, all while enjoying the luxurious plumping and hydrating benefits. Unleash the vibrant radiance of your complexion with Poko's Luxury Facial Oil, your key to unparalleled skincare indulgence.


Normal, dry & sensitive skin


Acne scars, sun spots, pigmentation & dryness

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Luxury Facial Oil For Pigmentation 30mlLuxury Facial Oil For Pigmentation 30ml
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Reduces acne scars, uneven skin tone & sun spots

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Fade acne scars with our facial oil for combination skin

Immerse your skin in the rejuvenating benefits of pomegranate oil, a potent active ingredient in our Luxury Facial Oil. Bursting with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this nourishing oil is renowned for its remarkable ability to fade acne scars and blemishes. By promoting cellular regeneration, pomegranate oil helps to accelerate the healing process, revealing a smoother and more even complexion. Making this one of the best acne scar oils out there, perfect for women with PCOS and hormonal skin.

A Wonder Oil For Pigmentation

This powerful blend of nutrient-dense oils is meticulously curated to deliver stunning results. Witness the transformative effects of the remarkable baobab fruit, as its potent vitamins infuse your skin with a renewed radiance. Complemented by the nourishing properties of Crambe seed oil, it prevents the skin from producing excess sebum, mitigating the appearance of pigmentation and leaving your complexion balanced and clarified. Rounding out this exemplary formulation is Moringa Oil, renowned for its high omega fatty acid content, working harmoniously to brighten the skin and rejuvenate its natural glow. Experience the best oil for pigmentation as you and achieve a remarkably even complexion.
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Crambe seed oil (abyssinica), pomegranate oil (punica granatum), moringa oil (moringa oleifera), baobab oil (adansonia digitata), rose damask oil (rosa damascena), neroli oil (citrus aurantium), sandalwood oil (santalum spicatum), lavender oil (lavandula angustifolia), frankincense oil (boswellia carteri), ylang ylang oil (cananga odorata), geranium oil (pelargonium roseum), sweet orange oil (citrus sinensis), clary sage oil (salvia sclarea), citral*, geraniol*, linalool*, limonene*, camabidiol, citronellol*, benzyl alcohol*, eugenol*, ISO eugenol*, benzyl salicylate*, farnesol*, benzyl benzoate*.

*Naturally occurring components from essential oils used.

Active Ingredients:

  • Baobab oil rejuvenates damaged skin cells from omega-3 fatty acid vitamins A, D, E, and F
  • Pomegranate oil detoxifies and brightens, fading acne scarring, sun damage, and dark spots from vitamin C
  • Moringa oil cleanses the skin to support healing from acne, calms redness and irritation from breakouts
  • Crambe seed oil naturally high in omega, this ingredient moisturises and promotes skin plumpness


How to Use

1X daily / PM

Use a targeted treatment product for any skin concerns you are trying to address such as sun spots, acne & breakouts or fine lines and wrinkles. Always apply from lightest to thickest texture. Apply Facial Oil after your moisturiser.

One or two nights a week, use an exfoliator instead of your normal treatment steps and follow it up with your moisturiser.

How to Recycle

At Poko, we make a conscious decision for every piece of packaging we use to try and make it recyclable and functional. We may not be 100% recyclable yet but we are working towards this. We need you to help do your part, so check out how to recycle each piece of your Poko packaging.

  • Glass Jars: Rinse your glass jars from any residue left and recyle with clear glass at your nearest bottle bank.
  • Outer Cardboard Boxes: Break down the box and recyle with your cardboard.
  • Lids & Pumps: Take apart any lids or pumps, rinse them of any residue and recyle with your recyclable plastic.
  • Tubes: Poko tubes are made from sugarcane and are fully recyclable. Rinse them out after use and recyle with your plastics.
  • Labels & Pipette: Dispose of in general waste.



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