The ultimate anti-ageing skin care routine - How to layer with our Poko skincare range

The ultimate anti-ageing skin care routine - How to layer with our Poko skincare range

The ultimate anti-ageing skin care routine - How to layer with our Poko skincare range

The secret to healthy skin is a good skincare routine. Sounds simple, but if you don’t know to sift through endless advice about the subject, it may be not very clear. With so many products on the market, how do we make the right choice? How do we choose the skincare product, for our dry, oily, or ageing skin? Do we choose a serum or a moisturiser? Do we choose both? A skincare routine that includes layering keeps skin healthy by using a combination of facial oil, serum and a moisturiser. It can prove especially beneficial for rejuvenating ageing skin.

Let’s dive right in and try to make the process a little less confusing and look at how layering products can help.

Anti-ageing skin care

Our skin, is the bodies, largest organ, needing nourishment as much as the rest of our body. Protecting the skin from the external environment and daily pollutants it faces is essential. As with the rest of our body, it is even more important as our skin goes through ageing changes. The way those changes are affected will depend for the most part on the lifestyle we lead. Diet, exercise, unhealthy habits, weather, and sun contribute to how our skin ages.

However, there are many ways; we can keep our skin feel rejuvenated, fresh and healthy. To help with the effects of ageing skin, first, let’s look at how our skin changes.

What happens to ageing skin?

As mentioned, the skin needs nourishment as much as our insides do, and perhaps even more as it is subject to the elements. Sun damage can damage the skin regardless of age; fibres in the skin are damaged by ultraviolet light. Although the damage may not be visible for some time, elastin loss eventually leads to skin becoming less taut. It doesn’t have the suppleness of before, The loss of elastin, collagen, and dehydration, means our skin loses it elasticity and is more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging.

Woman applying skincare products

Unhealthy eating habits, or lack of water, contribute to our skin losing vitality and becoming dehydrated. But a good anti-ageing skincare routine with products that feed the skin, and a healthy lifestyle do help.

Changes to our skin

  • Blood vessel walls become thinner: meaning we bruise easily
  • Skin becomes more fragile due to changes in our layers
  • Elastin and collagen loss cause loose skin
  • Skin becomes rougher
  • The skin develops dark spots or lesions
  • Epidermis thins, causing our skin to become more transparent

Anti-ageing skincare

Layering is one way to help protect our skin from the ravages of the environment and time. Even if your skin has been damaged by the sun, although it may not be completely repaired, using quality products, can restore the vitality. Leaving you with healthy glowing skin. Layering is one way to feed and nourish your skin, making sure it gets the nutrients it needs. Products that will hydrate and repair free radicals’ damage will help with fine lines and wrinkles. A facial oil, for instance, to lock in moisture, and help plump the skin. Or a moisturiser to heal the skin and keep it hydrated. A serum is something you want to treat your skin too.

How to rejuvenate dry skin

As our body works in perfect sync and all parts are connected, the ideal skincare routine includes taking care of the inside and out. If you don’t have a practice already, it may be challenging to know where to start. At Poko, we have everything you need – all you have to do is apply.

Get into the habit of creating a routine that works for you, which is easy to remember. A kit containing most of the products you will need is helpful, as you everything you need is in one place. The Timeless Skincare Set makes maintaining your morning or evening skincare routine easy. Containing, a rich moisturiser, a creamy eye cream for those dark circles and puffy under-eye areas, and a soothing serum. Or maybe you just want to have healthy, glowing skin, the Glow-Up Skincare Set might be the one for you as it contains the award-winning Luxury Facial Oil which is perfect for supercharging your skin with vitamins to keep it soft and supple. The bundle is suitable for all skin types but especially dry or ageing skin. If you’re wondering about the best way to apply your products, here are some helpful hints.

Poko Correcting Eye Cream

Start with the eyes - eye cream

Many people go straight to the moisturiser after cleansing and toning the skin. But, it is best to apply our Correcting Eye Cream at this point. As there is no barrier and all the goodness can get to the area, it needs to do the important work. Like serums, the eye corrector is light and easily absorbed into the pores to deliver all the ingredients’ goodness. Hydrating and plumping the skin.

The face has it- moisturiser

No matter what age you are, every woman knows that a good moisturiser is essential. There is no question about it. If you’re going to invest in yourself, then the best moisturiser contains vitamin C and any other ingredient that acts to protect against free radicals. Since ageing or dehydrated skin is lacking in collagen, the Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser is a great choice. The clue is in the name.

This collagen-boosting moisturiser has ingredients which help tackle the problem of fine lines and wrinkles. The hydrating properties of the cream make it an excellent choice for dry or ageing skin. Although the rejuvenating moisturising cream, can be used during the day, it is most effective at night. It is working its magic while you sleep.

The final touch- facial oil

Last but certainly not least is adding your luxury oil. Adding a few drops of luxury oil to your moisturiser can add a little more protection to dry skin. Infused with botanical oils, the Luxury Facial Oil is excellent for all skin types.
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